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From: Shaun Gamble <>
Subject: Re: Winmail.dat question
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 11:59:19 +1000
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Jason Vervlied wrote:
Actually, we are using the Winmaildat filter from Niversoft. Also this is occuring after the message is received. We have a rule that captures the messages just before they are written to the mailbox. The captured version does not have a Winmail.dat attached to it. It seems the Outlook modififed the message and wrote it back to the mailbox. All the settings that I have found are set to HTML rather than RTF.

The piece of this that really confuses me that it seems to only be occuring on messages forwarded to him from his secretary. I really don't think this is a CG problem more as it is an Outlook problem, but was just wondering if anyone had ran into this before.

Have you checked the secretary's Outlook settings?

On Fri, 2 May 2008 13:55:36 +0100
Peter Clark <> wrote:
> We had this issue, and found it was best to simply
>install this script rather than diagnose the exact cause
> On 2 May 2008, at 08:44, Martin.Hepworth wrote:
>> Jason
>> Make sure outlook it set to default to html and not RTF.
>> alsorts of issues with RTF emails (security and
>>usability) so best
>> to make sure it's set to html whatever.
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>>> Subject: Winmail.dat question
>>> Hello,
>>> We are having an odd issue that we can't seem to figure
>>> Sometimes
>>> one of our clients will receive a message that is
>>>forwarded to him
>>> from outlook. He receives the message just fine with
>>>html and plain
>>> text MIME parts. But after outlook downloads the
>>>message, a
>>> Winmail.dat is appended to the end of the message. Then
>>>whenever he
>>> tries to view the message with his iPhone all he can see
>>>is a
>>> Winmail.dat and if there are other attachements, he can
>>>see those,
>>> but
>>> the body of the message is in the WInmail.dat.
>>> Any of you have an idea what setting in outlook could be
>>>causing this
>>> behavior? He is set to send HTML message to Internet


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