Mailing List Message #96840
From: Vesse Michel <>
Subject: Windows Move Server1=>server2
Date: Sun, 07 Dec 2008 18:21:16 +0100
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
How can i move my CGP from server1:
Server OS:   Microsoft Windows 2003  
Server Hardware: x86 (32-bit)
Server Version: 5.2.9
MAPI Version:
2Mo Ram
3X 73Go raid5

to new server 2
Server OS:   Microsoft Windows 2003
4/8Mo Ram
3X 250Go raid5

all mailbox are in Multi-Mailbox
I run also : CGPCLAMAV - PolluStop - WINMAILDAT filter

i have make all parameters networks on the new server with all ip config and DNS

before moving, update on the last Server Version on server1 : CommuniGate Pro 5.2.10

I would like to know:
- What are the files that I must safeguard,
- In what order should I proceed

I installed in CGP
C: \WINDOWS\CommuniGatePro\
D:\Files Communigate\
D:\CommuniGate Files\Accounts
D:\CommuniGate Files\BadFiles
D:\CommuniGate Files\Directory
D:\CommuniGate Files\Domains
D:\CommuniGate Files\Filters
D:\CommuniGate Files\Filters\cgpclamav
D:\CommuniGate Files\Filters\pollustop
D:\CommuniGate Files\Filters\winmaildat
D:\CommuniGate Files\Queue
D:\CommuniGate Files\Settings
D:\CommuniGate Files\Submitted
D:\CommuniGate Files\SystemLogs
D:\CommuniGate Files\SystemLogs\SysChanges
D:\CommuniGate Files\WebSkins

- What kind of safeguards do you need to save : 1 X DAY - 1X week - 1 X month

I noticed that when I miss a 2GB mailbox, there are problems.
I also installed on server1 Perl

there is many time that the server1 runs and works perfectly well and I do not remember how I have to install everything ...

Thank you for your help

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