Mailing List Message #97862
From: Fred Zwarts <>
Subject: Re: XFS?
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 09:26:26 +0200
To: <>
"Eric Schneider" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> Who is using CGP, RHEL 5.x (or clone), and XFS?  I have done quite a bit of
> research on the pro/cons of XFS, but I haven't found much about CGP on XFS.
> I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences the list can provide.
> We have about 1.5 TB of email, ~10,000 accounts, and ~1000 active
> IMAP/Webmail connections.
> Thanks,
> Eric

I do not have a direct answer for you, but I can say that we are seriously considering
to move to XFS. We use XFS now already for some years for other applications and
each time I am surprised to see the ease of use and the speed.
For example, we have the storage on a SAN. In order to increase the size of the file system,
most other file systems need to be unmounted, but XFS can be increased with all users actively
using the system, without any noticeable down time.
We only have had some problems when we passed the 16 TB limit.
We had to upgrade the hardware to a 64 bit system to support such large file systems.
We use the XFS file system mainly for applications that use very big files.
Even then we once met the situation that there was not enough room left for inodes in the lower 2 TB
of the file system. We could not yet use the inode64 mount option, because not all applications
can already handle 64-bit inodes (these applications are soon fixed), which we fortunately found
while testing with the ino64 option, before actual changes to the file system were made.
Now we could work around it by running xfs_fsr on a regular basis.
Very soon all applications will be upgraded and 64-bit inodes can be used.
Maybe, if the file system is used for many small files this problem becomes more serious,
but for file systems below 2 TB it is not relevant.

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