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Subject: Re: routing local mail?
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 14:00:25 -0800
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On 01/15/02 at 13:35, Mark Reinmuth wrote:

> To clarify a little bit more, I'm using ASIP for incoming
> ( and a "real" static IP) and SIMS for outgoing (just a
> local IP with NAT access to the 'net).  Both are working just fine
> *except* when someone in sends email to the same domain.  In
> this case the mail just stays on the SIMS server and will not be delivered
> (no one is checking for mail on the smtp server, just ASIP).

Sounds like SIMS thinks is a local (to SIMS) domain. Make sure
that SIMS' 'internet domain name' (in the General settings) is not set to (it should be the SIMS machine's hostname), and that there's not
a router entry like '' above the .smtp entry
(the router works from top to bottom, taking the first match).

> I'm actually outside the office right now, but when I get back I will try
> setting up this route:
> <*> = *
> Which should in theory take all the mail going to the recipients
> and route it to the incoming ASIP server.
> Will this still deliver the message to outside recipients, such as if an
> coworker was cc'd on an email destined for another domain?

Yes, mail to external addresses should be delivered as expected (as long as
there are no other router entries that would change that).

> I've also heard I shouldn't have local accounts matching the recipients on
> SIMS, which makes some sense to me... I just want SIMS to route the
> messages not store them!  I could be wrong, but when I tried this I
> believe email clients were coming back with "user unknown"?

That also sounds like SIMS thinks the domain is local to it -- it's trying to
deliver to a local account and there isn't one.

> It was also suggested that I set up each user's account to discard
> mail and forward to [user_account]@[real ASIP IP address].  I think
> this last option needs smtp functionality turned on in the ASIP
> server, which I'm not really willing to do.

That could work too. If you can firewall the ASIP server so that it only
accepts port 25 (SMTP) connections from local IP addresses, that would keep
out the spambags. Perhaps that's what you mean by the next paragraph?

> Just FYI I do have the ASIP server set up to accept connections from the
> NAT'd IP, and hmmmm I just remembered I don't have it set to accept
> connections for the "real" IP the NAT router is using, perhaps that's why
> some of my tests have been failing?  I will remedy this and try what I've
> done already, plus the above mentioned suggestions.
> Any and all advice is appreciated!
> I know I should just use SIMS & Communigate for all my mail, but I just
> cannot do it due to "political" reasons right now.  Things might change in
> a couple months though!  :D

Good luck!

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