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rashantha de silva at 2002-01-18 18:03 from rush@idealzone.com wrote:

>i am new user and reading and rereading the skimpy docs at stalker.com/sims.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Stalker in general and SIMS in


>username: john
>email address: john@company1.com
>pop server: mail.company1.com
>will this have to change?
>or do i have to add an extension in from of the username
>here is what i hope is correct...
>to have multiple domains in the router section i must have entries
><*@company1> = cl1-*
><*@company2> = cl2-*

Well, actually

<*@company1.com> - cl1-*

but, you knew that.

If you use this, then to answer your question above:  Yes, you clients
will have to change their settings.

>in order to switch to my new mail server my dns setting must change to
>mail.company1.com.    mx  10  mail.idealzone.net

It would be more like:

company1.com.          MX  10  mail.idealzone.net

>and in my dns setting for idealzone.net change
>mail.idealzone.net.   A   new ip address



mail.company1.com      A   new IP address

or, you could set mail.company1.com as a CNAME to mail.idealzone.net
(this way if you change IPs you will only need to change the A record for
??????????? (?????) ??????????? (????????) ??????????? (??????????) ?????????? ???????? Listmaster-?