Mailing List Message #10171
From: Andrew Thompson <>
Subject: 555 and 550 errors
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 14:05:41 -0800
To: <sims>
X-Mailer: QuickMail Pro 2.1 (Mac)
We're getting 555 and 550 errors when we try to send HTML emails from SIMS to Big Pond, the biggest ISP here in Australia (so, forget about getting any help from them!).

The error can be "555 Timeout", or it can be "550 DATA line too long (Max 1024)". Usually, it's the former.

We only get this with HTML mails to this ISP, not with text mail. And our other mail server (QuickMail Pro) doesn't have this problem at all.

Anyone seen this before?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Cheers all
Andrew Thompson

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