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From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: Entourage Auth
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 22:24:36 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 4:48 PM -0700 2/8/02, Cerebus the Ardvark  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
At 10:45 08/02/2002 -0800, John Zigrang wrote:
The above would not work until I turned on Advertise AUTH Capability in the
SIMS SMTP setting.

Ah well, another example of MSFT screwing things up.  You tell it to ALWAYS use auth and it says "Oh, OK, but only if the server tells me to use auth."  Sigh.

No, that's NOT MSFT screwing up this time. It's a SIMS doc problem. AUTH is a 1.8bx feature, but the docs describe 1.7. I don't know what the semantics of the Entourage AUTH settings are, but the full AUTH specification makes it reasonable for a client to have a setting that toggles between "use all aspects of AUTH wherever possible with an AUTH-capable server" vs. "use AUTH when the server demands it" as well as one that switches between "expect to need AUTH on this server" vs. "Don't look for AUTH here."

It would be wrong behavior for a client to attempt to use AUTH if it wasn't 'advertised' in the response to EHLO. That advertisement is the only way a client can know what features of the full AUTH extension set are available, and in SIMS case the implementation is somewhat limited (albeit to the most commonly used parts.)

I would pay for TechSupport on SIMS in order to get quicker answers on
issues like this.

the mail archives for this list are the source of all information. Any question you can think of, and many you cannot, has already been asked at least once before.

Very true.

However, Mr. Zigrang's view is certainly understandable. A lot of organizations are structured for the classical commercial software model, where the publisher of the software sells support with the license or as an additional cost. Hunting list archives on the web for an answer takes time. If you are used to being able to make a phone call and be walked through a fix, or more importantly if your company is *staffed* as if all your software has that sort of support, free software without support can be a serious burden. Managing SIMS is a lot easier than most other mail servers of similar capabilities, but it is still a mail server with an appreciable feature set and it takes either some learning or the attention of someone who has already done that learning to figure out all the detail. You and I have been running SIMS for years, so we have spread that learning out over a long time and it feels like nothing big, but for someone new to the software I can understand how it seems like something worth paying for.

Bill Cole                        

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