Mailing List Message #10232
From: Jerry Pasker <>
Subject: Error Code
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 14:23:43 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
I've searched the archives, looked at the error codes listed on Stalker's website, and looked over Joe's SIMS page also.  Still, I can't find what error -25012 is.

Here's the session:

07:38:36 3 SMTP-818( Failed to verify. Real address is []
07:50:08 3 SMTP-118( Failed to verify. Real address is []
07:55:11 3 SMTP-818([]) {S.0002274763} reading failed. Error Code=-25012
07:59:54 3 SMTP-345( Failed to verify. Real address is []
08:01:11 3 SMTP-118([]) {S.0002275032} reading failed. Error Code=-25012
08:08:45 2 SMTP-345([]) {S.0002275216} received, 433098 bytes

This user claims to be using Eudora for Windows.  They were sending an attachment (433098 bytes) and had to keep re-sending it because the TCP connection to the mailserver kept dropping.

My mailserver logs about 40 of these every day, 30 from my internal network (clients sending SMTP to my server) and about 10, on average, are from the outside world (other SMTP servers sending mail into my server)

Anyone know what that exact code means?



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