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From: Zachary Cosentino <>
Subject: Re: Bulk-ish e-mailing
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:11:46 -0500
To: James Harvard <>, <>
on 3/8/02 4:26 PM, James Harvard at

> I've built a Lasso driven web site for a client and I'm now adding a way for
> him to pick out a group of registered users by various criteria (for example
> those who've expressed an interest in x) and send them all an e-mail.  All
> very obvious & simple!  I say 'bulk-ish' in the subject line because the
> likely number is not going to be 10,000s, but might possibly be 100s in the
> future.
> However, there are a couple of things that I'm not sure about when deciding
> whether to send one e-mail and put all the users' addresses as BCCs or to send
> each an individual e-mail.  I _don't_ need to personalise the e-mails ("Dear
> Mr Smith..."), by the way.
> I know that as long as I increased the max incoming SMTP connections limit for
> SIMS, I can send quite a large number of individual e-mails at once (at least
> 100 if the connection limit is at 100 - what a suprise!).  However, I assume
> that if there were more address than SIMS's largest max SMTP connection
> number, then I'd be in trouble.  Most of the time I imagine there will be only
> 5 - 50 addresses, but I want to make sure that it can cope with occasional
> mailings to larger numbers, especially because Lasso doesn't provide for
> reporting failed e-mail attempts to the user - unless I get it right there
> could be an unfortunate situation where the e-mail doesn't go but the client
> thinks that it has.  =:-O
> Because of the above I think that the BCC method is probably better, but if I
> do put all the addresses as BCCs:
> 1) Might this get filtered as spam by some people, if their address isn't in
> the 'To' field?
> 2) What's the maximum number of BCCs I can attach to one message?
> TIA,
> James Harvard


We occasionally send out bulk e-mail and once as much as 1000 using the mail
merge in Word to Outlook.  These messages were not personalized.  SIMS with
25 sending queue was able to send the batch out in less then 10 minutes.
This might be an easy way for you client to do his bulk mail.


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