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????: Re: SIMS on OSX on an unsupported machine
????: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 09:49:51 -0800
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At 5:12 PM +1100 3/16/02, Terry Allen wrote:
Hi again,
I thought I'd just report that SIMS is working very well on my
7300/200 server which I have running OSX 10.1.3 thanks to Ryan Rempel's
excellent XPostFacto utility.
I simply converted the SIMS app to be an extension, put it into the
'classic' environment's system folder, opened up Communigator & set the
http channels to 5, then did the rest of the configuration by the web
It does everything that my SIMS Mac OS 9.1 server is doing at least
as fast & it definitely does stop relaying as well.
As I don't use Blacklists, I can't say how if that works at all,
but SIMS is definitely doing what I hoped it would & means that for the
time being, I don't need to learn anything about configuring sendmail. Cool
Now all I need to see is how stable & long it'll keep running - OSX
for any length of time on an unsupported machine is still something of an
unknown quantity.

Unfortunately applications running in Classic cannot communicate with applications running in OS X via TCP/IP. So I cannot run my DNS, Apache & SIMS on the same machine (I need access to DNS in both environments). So SIMS is, for now, left on the 7200/75 running OS 8.1. Last week I moved web and DNS services to OS 10.1.3 running on an unsupported PowerMac 9500. Uptime on the unsupported 9500 is at present 8 days 18 hours (i.e. no down time at all since the move). XPostFacto rocks!

As a side benefit: Once I killed Quid Pro Quo on the old machine it stopped rebooting every day or so. A machine with just SIMS and AutoShare on it is very reliable.

At the moment I am saving up for a Communigator license. Once I have that I will move mail and mail lists to OS X and be a happy camper.
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