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????: Re: Auto Reply Problem
????: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 20:39:07 +1000
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>I set up auto reply and the return domain is my default domail.
>For example, my e-mail and domain is BJ@BnaiNoach.com when SIMS sends a
>reply it looks like this, BJ@ns1.HostAnchor.com.
>What can I do to fix this?
>Thank You,

Hi gain,
Aaah the age old problem - this unfortunately is SIMS default
behaviour & there is no solution unless you pair SIMS with something like
Autoshare. From what Stalker itself says, SIMS development has pretty much
ground to a halt except what Dmitry does in his spare time so we will most
likely never see this fixed.

Bye for now, Terry Allen

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