Mailing List Message #10733
From: Terry Allen <>
Subject: Re: 18b8 died on me, so did 17, but why now?
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:46:25 +1000
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>It have been smooth, stable, for almost a year and the nitemare started last
>week, the busiest season of the year (as my job g).
>there are a few things bugging me.
>#1.Opentransport bug as it apeared in the log (SIMS 18b8 with OT1.1.2 on a
>PPMac7600/OS 7.6.1/48M/1GB)
>#2. Rare email accounts came from nowhere: there were a number of account
>duplicated by itself and they all have a "L" at the end. eg 'enquiry@' has a
>copy called 'enquiry@L'
>#3. Then I switch back to sims17 on another fresh installed 7.6.1 system, it
>only last for 3 days! this time, it also have the 'server run out of memory'
>error, and again those duplicated accounts!
>What really really bugs me was: Why just happen now? Like problem #1., It
>has been good as gold for a year man!  The last thing that I changed on the
>server was "mirroring incoming emails from 5 mirrored to 3 different
>accounts " (and then the server stuffed up after 1 good week) and not
>running that now.
>Although I am looking at OpenBSD + Qmail, but I really wanna know what was
>the problem, because SIMS does everything I need (to please lots of people),
>not like Qmail need a 'patch' to do POPbeforeSMTP, plus I still try to
>figure out how to 'mirror' in Qmail, for example.
>Please, someboby stop this!
>Clive Chan
Hi again,
I certainly don't think SIMS is to blame - I seriously think you
ought to check out the condition of the hard drive - move to at least Mac
OS 8.1 or higher & back to SIMS 1.8b8
Maybe something is corrupted within the OS itself in the System Folder.
Also, has the drive started to run out of space?

Bye for now, Terry Allen

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