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Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 09:04:45 -0600
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On Tuesday, May 14, 2002, at 06:34 PM, James Harvard wrote:
My apologies if this topic has already been talked to death some time ago,
 but would there not be good money for Stalker in releasing a low cost, 'feature limited' MTA for Mac OS X?  (All the previous posts I have read have seemed to be along the lines of "can Stalker re-write SIMS for OS X for free, please".)

After all, who here would not happily pay a shareware-level fee for the current version of SIMS that we know & love?

erm... I suspect that the "market" for a OS X SIMS is vanishingly small.  Setting up OS X out of the box to do what Sims does is really quite easily done and can even be administered through various web agents.  (www.webmin.
com for one).

And would be considerably more powerful than SIMS.  For example, my OS X machine runs fetchamil which grabs my mail from my Sims machine.  Then mail goes through postfix (my MTA) whcih runs it through procmail.  Procmail filters the mail through spamassassin and html.trap.  This tags any incoming spam and disables any virues or potentially naughty attachments.  Finally it all gets dumped into the local mailspool where my imapd server can serve it up to me to read in or Eudora or something.

And while it all SOUNDS terribly complicated it was no more difficult to follow the directions to do this than setting up a router in SIMS.

SIMS is great because it runs os a zero-admin app on a zero-admin machine.
  On the type of hardware that would likely be discarded otherwise.  (Certainly I can't think of any other use for a 6200 than as printserver or SIMS box).

Now, if Stalker came out with a shareware product based on SIMS I would probably register it.  I wouldn't _USE_ it though, it'd just be my way of rewarding a company that has made my live a whole hell of a lot easier the last several years.

There must be many dozens of people wishing that they could move to OS X with SIMS's ease of use, features and familiarity - but unwilling to part with $100s for CGPro.  Then add to that all the new server admins that OS X will gather, many of whom will be in the market for an easy to use alternative to sendmail.

Really setting up sendmail is not that bad, and there are better options out there.  I use postfix and it took about 15 minutes to setup, and most of that was getting the SpamAssassin filtering integrated.

How many hours would it take the talented coders (if in doubt, always try flattery...) at Stalker to strip out the more advanced features of CGPro to leave just the SIMS feature set?  Not many, I suspect, and it would be a good ROI when we all start queuing up waving our $30.  Of course the nice people at Stalker aren't going to become billionaires on the back of it, but I imagine it would pay for decent Christmas party!

I'm certain Stalker has thought about it.  The only reason I can think of for not doing it is that they don't think the market is there.  Heck, a lot of SIMS installs are on 68K machines...

IANS  (I am not Stalker)

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