Mailing List Message #11050
From: Teg Bains <>
Subject: Re: Account lockout
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 08:47:37 -0700
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
Actually I am running it under Classic.  Hmm.. Maybe I should separate it
and put it on its own machine under 9.x.

The problem, as I found out, was that one client uses Terminal Services for
Outlook and they were disconnecting their session without logging off
Outlook. They have since stopped the 'inappropriate' behaviour...

I wish there was a way for SIMS to just reset the lock on one account only.
I end up Force Quiting Classic and relaunching it. Hmm...


> I have the same problem. Are you running SIMS in Classic under X by
> any chance? This problem started for me when I upgraded the machine
> to X. I think I have OS 9.2.1 and OS X 10.1.4. I'm pretty sure the
> people using the server are all on variations of Outlook/Outlook
> Express, etc. on Windows.
> For some odd reason, it seems to have gotten better in the past 2
> weeks. It used to happen about once every day or two. For some reason
> it's down to happening about once every week or so, now. I know that
> one or two employees of the company recently left, so maybe their
> email setup was the bulk of the problem. I don't know.
> As for error messages, I've been finding that all MS mail clients
> give bizarre error messages to their users. Where the SIMS log has
> line after line of "Account busy", the mail clients were returning
> errors like "Incorrect password". I couldn't figure out why they kept
> calling me to reset users passwords until I noticed that the logs
> were saying something completely different. Very irritating to both
> me and my customer. I'm desperately trying to get them to switch to
> better mail clients, but it's not working. They keep getting viruses
> and having these bizarre problems where error messages don't
> correlate to what's going wrong.
> Darrin

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