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>>>> Well, I have finally got my OSX server up & running & sadly, my
>>>> SIMS server now is finally offline. I have a small amount of user mail
>>>> which I need to export from SIMS into a format that Sendmail can
>>>> - can anyone tell me the easiest way to do this, or perhaps provide me
>>>> a link to some suitable information on how to do it. Thanks for any help.
>>> The text mailboxes in SIMS are in the bsd-style mailbox format and
>>>should be
>>> accepted by sendmail as they are (you still need to take care of the
>>> different EOL marks on MacOS classic and *nix.)
>>> --
>> Hi again,
>> Thanks for that - I don't quite understand though - does this mean
>> I can 'cut & paste' from the SIMS user mailbox into the sendmail mailbox
>> file? I did try this, but when I tried to access that user's mailbox from a
>> webmail interface & it said something along the lines of 'invalid mailbox
>> format'
>Did you try to access those using the command line 'mail' utility?
>Strange, that should work.
>Try to remove the "; 000000113765" marks at the end of the separating line
>("From return-path@address...."). If that does not help, you may need to
>enclose the return-path address on that line into the <angle> brackets.
Hi again,
Okay, I'll give that a try - I'm guessing from your replies here
that I should be able to append the mail into the user's existing mailbox
on sendmail though, if I can get the format right.

Bye for now, Terry Allen

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