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Subject: Re: blacklist servers (was: Re: Evil Korean Spam)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 16:08:39 -0700
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On 07/16/02 at 15:46, Brian Findlay wrote:

> Folks - thaks for your kind responses, however I am still confused.
> I looked on google for some RBL servers, but I didn't find anything that
> made any sense to me.  After an hour of reading the various mail-abuse
> 'explanations' I am far more confused than I was.  'Black holes', reverse
> IPquad sumbissions, etc. etc.  Means nothing to me.
> It SEEMS like a fairly straightforward process - enter an RBL server
> domain in SIMS, and thats it.
> WHAT DO I ENTER INTO THE RBL WINDOW????  Nowhere in the docs, and
> nowhere I could find does anything answer that question.  You folks
> that are using RBL servers - what do you have there?
> or something - WHAT??

If you want to use, say, ORDB for your open relays list, you'd enter: "Please see <> for more information."

The '' is the RBL server that SIMS queries with each SMTP
connection. The quoted text is included in the bounce message that SIMS
sends when it rejects a message based on an ORDB listing.

> the bit about entering in SIMS totally confused me - where
> do I find that?

It was added after 1.7, which is what the online docs describe, so it's not
there. Basically, when a DNSbl (RBL) server finds an IP address listed, it
responds to SIMS' DNS request with an address in the range (these are non-routable addresses, so it won't affect
anything besides RBL queries). If the address in the response is also
listed in SIMS internal blacklist, SIMS will reject the incoming
connection. If you want to make sure that SIMS rejects all RBL listed
connections, enter

on a line by itself in SIMS' blacklist. To get to the blacklist window,
click on the 'Black Listed...' button in the SMTP Service Settings. In
practice, only addresses up to about are used by any of the
current DNSbl's, but blacklisting the entire block will ensure that you
don't miss anything.

To check if the RBLs are working for you, wait a little while and examine
your log. Messages rejected because of RBL listings will be clearly marked
as such.

> I am running 1.8b8, so the version seems current, and since this
> server is remote, and is the only reasonably stable computer in my
> life, I am extreemely reluctant to mess with installing software on
> it.

1.8b8 should continue to do fine for you. The 1.8b9 versions don't add or
fix anything Earth-shattering beyond what's in b8.

> Thanks for bearing with me - I am a non technical person, and at this
> stage I just need the actual data to enter into SIMS.  I don't care
> how it works, or what it does - I just want the korean spam blocked.

Bear with us, we'll help you get there...  8^)

                   Christopher Bort |
            Webmaster, Global Homes |
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