Mailing List Message #11252
From: Jeff Folk <>
Subject: Re: Verifying the SMTP's dest address
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 22:41:21 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
on 7/16/02 10:27 PM, Thomas Tempelmann wisely articulated:

> I have 2 thoughts:
> 1.
> If this information is not present in the header, the only way
> to see for which account the mail was is by looking into the
> log. This is awkward. Can't this be improved in some way?
Delivery was probably accomplished through a BCC.

> 2.
> Since I see this happening only with SPAM mail, can't this be
> used for another spam protection mechanism?
There are a lot of uses for BCC. A mail group in your address book that has
the option of hiding recipient addresses is one. Some list servers use this
mechanism as well.

> Oh, and one more: Wouldn't it be possible (I mean easy) to
> allow me to write code that would get executed when SIMS receives
> a mail so that this code of mine could look at the mail text,
> allowing me to delete certain mail that I consider spam right
> away? I guess Communigate Pro can do this, though?

Ooh, a server-side content filter. CGP can do this, I hear. One must be VERY
careful when figuring out the logistics. There is a funny [and sad] article
in Tidbits from last week:



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