Mailing List Message #11276
From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
Subject: Re: Slow SIMS, deleting Logs
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 20:43:35 -0700
To: Paul Didzerekis <>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
Paul Didzerekis wrote:

>Here is a script I have been using for a couple years.

Thanks. The "deleteFile" does not work - I guess an OSAX is
missing for it (that's one big sucker about AS, and REALbasic,
too: the system can't tell you where the function originally
came from - although it could if they wanted).

Oh, and since I run this on an OS X box, I wonder if I might
even be able to use the OSAX under OS X? Perhaps you can suggest
an alternative way to delete the file that uses built-in

Oh, I figured it out myself. I changed "deleteFile filename"
if name as string does not start with "." then
tell application "Finder"
delete file (filename as string)
end tell
end if

The extra if prevents the Finder from attempting to delete the

I also removed the "activate" commands because it would bring
my Finder to front frequently while I may be working on the
server (via VNC)

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