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????: Re: A _simple_ list server?
????: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 11:53:03 -0700
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> >Macjordomo running alongside SIMS works great and is free.
>yes it is, and it has an OS X version that you should not use on the same
>box as SIMS.  If it is to be on the same OS X box as SIMS, run the older
>(pre-OS X) version.

Thanks for the tips.

I installed it and got it running. One problem, though (I am aware
that this is the SIMS list, but there does not seem to be a support
list for macjordomo, or is it?)

The problem is this (as with many other list services, too):

I have many accounts. Now, when I subscribe to the list and get
mails, and then want to unsub, I can not tell from which account
it all came. So, if I do not remember, then I can not send an
unsub command, because the server wants to recognize me only by
my "from" address, which I may not know any more.

E.g, when I originally subscribed as "one-time-used-name@tempel.org",
but I usually use "listuser@tempel.org", then I would need to reply
to the list server with the original name, which I do not know then
any more.

Can this be solved somehow with macjordomo? One solution would be that
I could identify myself with my real name instead of the flaky mail
address, but macjordomo does not seem to support that for UNSUB.
The best way would be if macjordomo would show my subscribed mailing
addr in the mails it delivers to me as a subscriber. Can I enable
that somehow?

Otherwise - are there other free and easy list servers around?

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