Mailing List Message #11340
From: Jeff Folk <>
Subject: Re: A _simple_ list server?
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:10:51 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
on 7/22/02 8:20 PM, Lyle D. Gunderson wisely articulated:

> In his case, can't he look in the SIMS logs and see to which email
> account the list emails are being sent originally?
> --Lyle

Yes, if he is running SIMS to drive his mailbox he will see something like
this [a test I did to two addresses on my own server]:

09:29:41 2 SMTP-146([]) {S.0000011209} received, 635 bytes
09:29:42 2 SYSTEM [S.0000011209] <> 0+1
09:29:43 2 SYSTEM(POP) [S.0000011209] delivered to (HEART-List)
09:29:43 2 SYSTEM [S.0000011209] deleted
09:29:58 2 SMTP-147( {S.0000011210} received, 1985 bytes
09:29:58 2 SYSTEM [S.0000011210] <> 4+2
09:29:58 2 SYSTEM(POP) [S.0000011210] delivered to (jfolk)
09:29:59 2 SYSTEM(POP) [S.0000011210] delivered to (postmaster)

The logs should show individual delivery to each of the mailboxes. I didn't
try router addresses, mind you. My postmaster account is a mirror-list to my
jfolk account. I'll leave that test to someone else...


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