Mailing List Message #11345
From: LuKreme <>
Subject: Re: A _simple_ list server that can identify the receiver's mail addr?
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:59:54 -0600
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
Thomas Tempelmann wrote:
Bob Bergey wrote:
If you delivered 50,000 to 100,000 e-mails a day with SIMS/Macjordomo, as I do, you'd care very much if it makes it slow! Message turn-around time is fairly critical for most of the discussion lists I host, and a slow list server or mail server would put me out of business.

What's your point? Nobody forces you to choose the option I want
to have (but I still prefer to be a recipient of those mailing
lists that tell me my subscription e-mail. Again, it is my choice
I am talking about, no need to argue with me).

And LuKreme wrote:

If Macjordomo did this it would have to send 35,000 separate emails to 35,000 different subscribers.

What is it with all of you? You are all repeating moot statements.
I asked to have a feature, and there is no point in your telling
me/us that you do not need this feature. If you don't need it, then
what's the problem. It should be optional, anyways, because there
is no and was never a question that this "feature" would slow the msg
delivery down.

Well, for one thing if you did it to ME with several hundred users I would consider it an attack (opening hundreds of streams to me to send the same message over and over is abusive) and I would be having a short talk with your ISP about yanking your connection

Or did you all get the impression that I was wanting that mandatory?
I'm sorry if I expressed myself so poorly, but wouldn't common sense
prevent such an understanding?

We are simply trying to explain to you why this "feature" is not generally implemented, and why it almost certainly will not be implemented in Macjordomo.

You can compile and run mailman under OS X if you like.  It sends a monthly reminder message with the email address of the subscription. This is far less abusive than sending every message individually to every user.

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