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Subject: Re: What is the latest version of SIMS
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2002 17:31:05 -0700
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On 08/08/02 at 20:10, The Count of CipherSpace wrote:

> Bill Cole at 2002-08-08 18:22 from wrote:
> >IMHO it's time for Stalker to fix any documented bugs (as opposed to
> >'missing' features) in 1.8b9d14 and call it 1.8. Clearly they have
> >their hands full with CGP development and are not moving much on
> >SIMS, and a  little clarity on where SIMS stands version-wise would
> >reduce confusion. The reality is that 1.8b8 is quite stable and
> >usable, and fixes some issues from 1.7. People have been running
> >1.8b8 for 30 months without much trouble. Those of us who like life
> >on the edge  and/or wanted some additional tweaks have been running
> >1.8b9d14 (and its predecessors) for 3 months (and longer) and nothing
> >major has been reported publicly. I'd *LOVE* to get the full feature
> >set that Stalker has outlined as coming soon, but soon has been
> >coming for quite a while now and nailing down the current (very
> >respectable) state of SIMS as a real version seems more sensible than
> >having to tell a steady stream of users that they really can upgrade
> >to something with a couple letters in the version without worrying.
> Agreed - I too am willing to accept the current "developmental" version
> as 1.8 (even without full documentation).

Hey, this list is better than full documentation anyway...   ;-)
I'll have to agree as well, the current dev version is more than ready to
become a 'release' version.

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