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????: Re: SIMS crashes always at midnight on OS X
????: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 10:38:09 -0700
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Jeff Folk wrote:

>on 8/15/02 12:34 PM, Thomas Tempelmann wisely articulated:
>> Yep, and that seems to be causing the trouble. Recently, even when I
>> just quit SIMS, it almost ALWAYS freezes in the same way as it does
>> at midnight. So, it's most probably related to opening/renaming/closing
>> certain files.
>> But I could not find anything out of order there yet. Will keep looking.
>How many log files are in that folder? Too many is not good.

Just a few. I run another script keeping them at 20 max.

I also checked permissions on all items inside the entire SIMS folder:
The owerships are all admin:unknown, and all have r/w/x permissions
on the owner, at least. The SIMS folder is on a separate partition,
where "Ignore privileges on this volume" (Finder Info) is NOT checked.

Still, SIMS often freezes when I try to quit it normally, and otherwise
it does not freeze EVERY midnight, but often.

I have installed WhistleBlower (www.sentman.com), which will now force-
restart Classic if SIMS is unresponsive. Still, I'd like to find out
more about the freeze. Next thing I'll do is install MacsBug and see
if I can break into it and see where it's hanging.

And Kevin, thanks for posting the restart script. I just figured out
my own a two days ago, with the help of a Unix whiz, but yours is
definetely nicer, so I can resist from posting mine :)

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