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Subject: Re: Why is SIMS constipated?
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 15:35:31 -0700
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On 08/21/02 at 15:11, Charles L. Martin wrote:

> I have a recurring problem with mail backing up in the mail queue, then
> all getting sent at once. When I first noticed it, I found that my ISP
> had changed the IP of the DNS without telling me. But it still happens,
> and I cannot interpret the massive amounts of data in the logs to figure
> out what is happening. When I first noticed this problem, my logs were
> over 25000k! Now they are still 7400k+. Most of the lines in the log are
> like:
> 08:33:59 3 SMTP-776( Failed to get IP addresses. Error
> Code=-3162
> 08:33:59 3 SMTP [S.0000232086] dequeueing
> 08:33:59 3 SMTP [S.0000232124] dequeueing

'Failed to get IP addresses' sounds very much like some sort of DNS error
occurred when SIMS tried to look up MX's for In fact, there don't
appear to be MX or A records for If you get similar errors with
other destination domains, see if you can resolve those domains from your
SIMS machine with a tool like WhatRoute, DNS Expert, etc.

> although the 776 is a series of different numbers. There are thousands
> of these lines. Any idea what is going on?

SMTP-776 is simply SIMS' ID for that particular SMTP transaction. It's
recorded in the log so that you can more easily filter for a given

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