Mailing List Message #11617
From: Stefan Jeglinski <>
Subject: Re: Speaking of dorkslayers...
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 15:11:20 -0400
To: SIMS Discussions <>
Because of recent threads on this list and more or less on a whim, I
submitted my SIMS server's address ( to both the Osirusoft
rbcheck.cgi and (thanks for pointing that one out, Bill  8^] ).
It seems that my server is on the list, which returns
the message:

    FormMail spammer running rampant in Ft. Lauderdale. No response from

This gives me even less confidence in the competence of whoever runs the
ztl list than I might have had before, because

a) My server is not in Ft. Lauderdale. It's not in Florida, or even on the
East Coast. It's in California, as correctly reports from its
ARIN and RADB look-ups.


b) It's a SIMS server, running under MacOS 8.6. There's not a web server on
the same machine, and even if there were it would _not_ have formmail
running on it.

In short, it seems that dorks* ain't doin' their homework very well. At
this point, I'm not really inclined to spend any energy to do anything
about it because I don't get the feeling that the ztl list is very widely
used. If I start seeing bounces due to this blacklisting I'll see what I
can do about getting off of it, but Stefan's recent experience doesn't make
me look forward to that.

(Sorry all, for the long quote, I couldn't figure out what to snip without removing information)

Yours is the same issue as mine was. Your IP is indeed in the quest netblock:

and if the spammer machine in Ft. Lauderdale is also in that netblock, that's the connection.

Dorkslayers is listing netblocks (mine is part of the CAIS network, and CAIS *does* have a history of spamming, which the guy at dorkslayers kindly provided me). It's not a really good way to avoid collateral damage, but as the philosophy goes, it's not dorkslayers that really doing anything to you, it's the admins of mail servers that use the dorkslayer list. This aspect of it prevents me from really coming down hard on one side of the issue or another, despite the inherent seeming unfairness of it. You can always try a polite note asking for the history as I did. I have no idea if that request and my explanation back to them caused them to whitehole me or not.

BTW, I too am on the Selwerd list, apparently because I'm in an IP block
owned by Qwest.

No, just about *everyone* appears to be on the Selward list. Unfortunately, their web site does little to explain the motivation for it, and anyone that uses it will experience very high collateral damage AFAICT. I'd love to see an explanation of what the point is.

Stefan Jeglinski
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