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????: Re: What to do when RBL'd due to upstream provider?
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Jeff Folk at 2002-08-23 11:33 from jfolk@qzoneinc.com wrote:

>I think Bill said yesterday that your IP was listed in his local blacklist
>[which has been removed now]. By the way, I think almost everyone is listed
>on that Selwerd list... I am.

That is an "extreme" list (that's what the "x" in "xbl" stands for).  
They list the whole of UUNet (among others).  They state clearly that it
is their "internal" blacklist and that anyone using it must be nuts.  
Since, their criteria is so arbitrary it is "impossible" to get off their
list - I don't think anyone with half a brain uses that list, so whether
you are on it or not is academic.

And, yes, since UUNet is my upstream, I'm on it too.

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>> I received the bounce below from Bill, but his message does not indicate
>> what RBL listed me. I did a search at osirusoft.com, and found that
>> "( is DNSbl listed. by xbl.selwerd.cx".
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