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Subject: Re: 3rd try: stuck messages
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 12:48:31 -0700
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On 09/16/02 at 09:23, Ford Pedersen wrote:

> I've got some messages that I can see in CommuniGator 3.2.1
> application when viewing "All Messages" with SIMS 1.8b8. The dates of
> these messages are 1/1/1904. How can I send these messages again when
> all of the items in the Message menu are greyed out except for
> "Delete" message item?

CommuniGator is intended to admin Stalker's Communigate Server as well as
SIMS. The reason that all the items in the 'Message' menu are disabled is
because they can only be used with Communigate, they're not supported by

> Is there a way to edit the account file without messing it up?

The 'All Messages' window shows messages that are in SIMS' SMTP message
queue -- they don't have anything to do with any account files. For each
message in the queue, there's a corresponing text file in the ':System
Folder:SIMS:Queue:' folder. If you need to change things like the message
dates or their queue status (i.e. to get SIMS to send them), you can edit
the files in the Queue folder with a text editor. Check the list archive
for information about how to do that (a search for 're-queue' will get you
a thread that discussed this about a year ago).

> Will upgrading to SIMS 1.8b9 or higher help?

It won't make any difference with this particular problem
(editing/manipulating the message queue), but it's a good idea for other

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