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From: NetHead <>
Subject: Slightly OT: Network resources needed for dying mail
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 14:23:03 -0500
To: SIMS List <>
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I've posted a couple of questions about this before. We have a company in
the UK with which we need to exchange e-mail. We can receive mail from
them just fine. However, any e-mail addressed to them from within our
network will fail.

We have checked the following items:

-Reverse DNS look-up... our isp has set up reverse DNS records to our
mail server and the company in the UK verifies that they can see them.

-check for blacklisting or blockin... the isp in the UK claims that they
are not blocking any of our ip's. They use SpamCop for their blacklist
and we are not listed by SpamCop.

-We are capable of reaching our intended recipient if we send from
anywhere except our network. I can reach them via AOL; I can reach them
using a dial-up connection that bypasses our router. The "break-down"
seems to occur once I get behind the Cisco router that our isp has put
on-site to connect us to the T-1. My isp denies that there router could
be the problem. They feel that if it were there router, then ALL SMTP
traffic would be affected, not just one particular domain/ip.

I don't really think this forum is the proper place to address this issue
any further. But I could use some recommendations as to a good place to
seek help. BOTH isp's are being very apathetic about this. Each says it
must be something wrong with the other isp. I keep going round and round
with them and getting nowhere. I'm sure there must be some test... some
way of determining what is causing the "blockage".

I'm looking for either a newsgroup or tech support list that would be
appropriate to address this issue. Or if you know of a network "tool"
that would allow me to test the connections and determine what the source
of the block is, I'd be grateful.


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