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From: LuKreme <>
Subject: Re: Slightly OT: Network resources needed for dying mail
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 02:42:14 -0600
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On Friday, September 20, 2002, at 09:02 AM, NetHead wrote:
I actually have 2 utilities that do a traceroute: Interarchy (from
Stairways Software) and DNS Expert Pro (from Men & Mice). Now, I'll swear
that I've done multiple traces from my mail server to Legend's. But just
to be sure (this has been draggin on for 2 months!) I went back and did
another. I had not tried to do one with Interarchy before from this
machine, so I used it first. It, strangely enough, "stalls" before even
making the jump to MY router. (Just FYI, I can do a traceroute with
Interarchy via the dial-up; I just can't do it over my network... odd,

Well, it pretty much puts the problem on your end of the connection.

But DNS Expert finds "" just fine. However a couple of the
hops (3 & 4) do not indicate the ip of the hop.

So, not exactly "just fine."  There is a problem.

Subsequent traces eventually turn up all the ip's and most of the names
of the various ip's. Is this significant?

possibly it means that the route to legend is taking so long to resolve "good" that SIMS is giving up the connection.

I'll be happy to publish the traceroute here if it would be helpful and
no one objects. Just to allay my paranoia, that's not any sort of
"security risk" is it?

the only real info is your IP (already in your mail headers) and the IP of your ISP (easily findable through dig and other utils).  I don't know of any issue with revealing a tracelog.

Also, do a port traceroute (instead of just traceing to you
trace to port 25) if you can.  Some traceroutes will do
this, some wont.

I couldn't find a way to do a port trace with either program.

Probably not an option then.

Yes, although I did find one slight variance. While both used the same
ip, they had different "Additional Search domains:" in the TCP/IP control
panel. I changed that, but surely it couldn't be that simple. It's the
ip's that count, right? (Thus far, I certainly can't see that it has made
any difference).

Errm.. Are you talking about the Mac OS "additional search domains" input area in the Network control panel (names may be off, it's been a long time since I looked at OS <X)?  If so, try clearing that input field completely on your mailserver.

I keep trying to come back and blame my isp, but their argument is pretty sound. I can e-mail anyone else in the world, so it can't be the router.

Of course it can.

Please expound on this, because I was pretty convinced that it was the
router, based on the fact that the ONLY time this fails is when I get
behind the router... but my isp basically made the case that if the
router were "defective", then NO mail would get through.

If there was a problem where the router where blocking the PORT then yes, all mail would fail.  However, the router could be blocking something else (like the specific IP).  This doesn't seem to be a problem in your case, but you might, if possible, try disconnecting your router and connecting your mailserver directly to the broadband.  If that clears up the problem then you know there is a configuration problem on your router.  I doubt this is the case though.  There's something else going on.

Then legend couldn't connect to you either.

You think? It appears to me to be possible, since the mail we receive
from Legend (& our UK subsidiary) appears to be coming from an entirely
different server than the one we are sending to.

Ah.  Ok, never mind then, if they are separate machine then sure.  However, the traceroute anomalies do seem to indicate a problem closer to home.  I will say that if this is it's a LOT of hops from me (24).

If it is only the
"receiving" server that is somehow blocking "", that would
not necessarily affect the "sending" server if they are, as i suspect,
different machines, right?

Yes, that's right.

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