Mailing List Message #11827
From: Mark Hartman <>
Subject: Re: Mail error & its interpretation
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 12:24:43 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 10:06 AM -0500 9/23/02, NetHead wrote:
Mark Hartman wrote:
 >Yet the mail server that responds to "" has an IP address
( which does not match that list.

When you say, "the mailserver that responds to '' has an
IP address...", what query did you use to obtain this? I know if I do a
DIG on the A-record, I get that IP along with several others. If I had to
guess, I'd say these are load-balancers for our web-hosting. I suppose I
can ask them, if I know how you are obtaining that as our "mail server"

What I did was to use telnet to open  I then did a
lookup of the IP address of the name of the server that responded, did a
telnet to it, and got the same server - so I'm reasonably sure that the
IP address that I found was the right one.  And it's not in the MX list.

 >I think that seeing that traceroute is going to be very helpful; it looks
like something is messed up in your domain definition, and this may be why
someone along the line thinks that your mail is coming from an unauthorized

Okay, you asked for it, here it is... the infamous, "TraceRoute":

Hop     IP Address           Host
  7           *           8 
 13       *

If you guys see something here, you've got two isp's beat! (not that that
would REALLY surprise me!)

I think you are onto something with the DNS stuff. I'm not sure what, but
perhaps if we pursue this line, something will turn up.

...And I've confirmed that that's the SIMS machine.

Doug, at this point the best thing to do IMO would be to install telnet
on the SIMS machine, and try a manual POP session with the remote machine,
and then send us the transcript of that session.  (If you don't know how
to do that, send me an e-mail offline and I'll run you through it.)

We _will_ get this solved.
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