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Subject: Re: Additional spam-detecting tools
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 15:12:52 +0400
To: (SIMS Discussions) <>
Hello, on 23.10.2002 10:19, at wrote:

> What are the important changes between 1.8b8d2 and 1.8b9d14?  Just
> want to know if there's anything I need to be aware of.

OK, Here's the changes list (items marked '? ===>' were not implemented):

for 1.8b9
1. Reverse order for logs in web interface
2. POST HTTP method (d2, fixed in d3)
3. Bug with immediate execution of deferred OT tasks (Loc versions of MacOS
4. ? ===> resolve POP accounts through the router
5. extended pattern match for the router (d6, not activated)
6. The "Treat Authenticated as Clients" option to affect SMTP AUTH (d3).
7. DIGEST-MD5 was never supported. removed from prompts (d4).
8. Return Path is not verified for authenticated clients (d4).
9. SMTP and POP use OTAckSends to solve "OT out of memory"(d7)
Was: retries are done on the SystemTask now (d5).
10. Problems with renaming/removing accounts with the slash (/) in its names
via Web (d5).
11. AppleShare Registry is supported (MacOS passwords) (d7).
12. OTAckSends didn't helpwith OTAllocMem crashing, removed for now...
13. PIPELINING was not supported properly, removed for now from the prompts
14. Hosts on RBLs are cached on TempBan list (reason 4). (d8)
15. Stricter harvesting counters and suppressing. (d8)
16. For blacklisted host transient errors upped to permamnent ones.
17. '*' cancels AUTH LOGIN in SMTP
18. Split long Received headers
19. ? ===> NewRouter: special run for failed addresses (a local address
failed to route to
    a local mailbox - apply something with wildcards to retry; like Mail to
Unknown in CGP.)
20. added workaround for incorrect EOLs in POST data
        OmniWEB sends form text with LFs for EOLs (should be CRLF) (d10)
21. Looping bug in processing RBL servers list (d10)
22. SIMS might be overprotective refusing to relay addresses converted with
'full' router records (d11)
23. server host name appears in the server's initial prompt (d12)
24. reason is shown for hosts blacklisted due to many bad return paths (d13)
25. blacklisted IP address is shown in the SMTP rejection message (d13)
26. If an address is rejected by a remote system with 4xx error code, the
message is delayed (used to bounce) (d14)

for 1.8b8
1. Multiple RBL
2. Text stored for BlackList, ClientList, RBL
3. Messages in RBL and BLackList
4. Logger code could misuse AtomicAdd - address should be 4 bytes-aligned
5. Web General Settings - pop-up store failed now in sync with CG UI.
6. PowerKey & Rebound! support
7. (d7) Bug fix with creating return-receipts (NULL was short!)
8. Lowered sleep value for WaitNextEvent
9. Too long sleep periods are logged (when WNE takes too long)
10. (d8) Account-level routing fixed to block % hack
11. Increased work buffer to 30k to accept huge black lists...
12. (d9) TempBanned list is implemented. Settings via IPLL resources.
13. Possible SPAM attacks are logged with 'SPAM?' tag
14. The crashing bug with the long account names was fixed
15. The "Treat Authenticated as Clients" option can be disabled now.

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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