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From: Terry Allen <>
Subject: Re: very long ping
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 08:31:25 +1000
To: SIMS Discussions <>
>For the last few days it has been more and more difficult to get mail
>from my SIMS server.
>It appears to work OK when looking at the logs, black lists do their jobs
>but very often it would hang on.
>It is then impossible to Timbuktu to the box and even ping time is
>between 500 ms and 1.5 seconds (I am connecting from France to a amchine
>in the US). Usually ping are 185-200 ms.
>As soon as I quit SIMS , pings come back to normal and I can use Timbuktu
>again without being interrupted.
>I don't really know what to do. can it be memory related ? The box is a
>AWS 7250 with 80 Mb of RAM (40 allocated to SIMS) on OS 8.6. It has been
>running like that for 4 years but those problems started to appear 2
>weeks ago and are getting worse every day.
>Is there something I should try ?
Hi again,
I've seen this kind of problem in the past, not related to SIMS,
but a corruption for some reason in Open Transport's prefs. Try trashing
the Opn Transport prefs, or create a new duplicate set. It may also be
worth pulling the RAM & reseating, as well as disconnecting the ethernet at
both the machine & the router end - I've seen a few corrosion problems on
Ethernet where a connector has been plugged in for a significant period of
time & that causes some very strange problems.
It could also be some OS problem that has been coming for some time
that may well now be affecting applications as well.
Just out of interest, do your SIMS logs show anything holding a
connection for any period longer than normal but doing no actual mail
activity? When I was running SIMS, I had a few odd things like that,
especially when Nimda first appeared.

Bye for now, Terry Allen

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