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From: Global Homes Webmaster <>
Subject: Re: how do I white hole an IP in an RBL???
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 13:08:13 -0800
To: <>
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On 10/24/02 at 15:33, Neil Herber wrote:

> I am using the Spamcop RBL (against the advice of many ...) and have
> had few false positive until today.
> An email alias server at a known fixed IP that is use by several
> clients has been blacklisted by Spamcop, so mail from these guys is
> being bounced.
> Is there a way to white hole a single IP even if it appears in a RBL
> blacklist? I suspect that I need to declare the IP in the SMTP
> "Relay for Client Hosts" list.
> Does this work? Am I right?

You are correct. The 'client ip address' list overrides any blacklists that
you may be using.

> What is the downside???

Any spam that may be relayed by the blacklisted server will make it through
along with the legitimate mail that you want to receive.

                   Christopher Bort |
            Webmaster, Global Homes |
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