Mailing List Message #12033
From: The Count of CipherSpace <>
Subject: Re: Routing Spam
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 10:49:56 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>, Warren Michelsen <>
X-Mailer: Claris Emailer 2.0v3, January 22, 1998
Warren Michelsen at 2002-11-07 15:05 from wrote:

>A spammer is hitting my backup mail server with lots of junk for
>non-existent addresses. When the primary tells the secondary that there is
>no such account, the original mail ends up in the queue -- along with the
>bounced bounce message.
>My current router entries are of the type"
><*@domain1,com> = dom1-*
>What can I add to the router to catch the type email and
>route it to null?

On the backup mail server, exactly nothing - it has no way of knowing
what are valid addresses and which aren't - this is, probably, the main
reason that I don't run secondary mail servers.
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