Mailing List Message #12088
From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: Cannot Send Mail To One Domain
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 22:12:39 -0500
To: SIMS Discussions <>
At 9:20 AM -0800 11/15/02, Roger Corbin  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:

I have turned up the logging on the SMTP module and this is what I get :

09:11:55 4 SMTP Line 577 created for, [S.0001979596]
09:11:55 4 SMTP [S.0001979596] queued to line 577(0/1). 1 routes
09:11:55 5 SMTP Scanning 26 queue files
09:11:55 4 SMTP-577( Got 2 relay(s)
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( *Status=7
09:11:55 4 SMTP-577( Looking for
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( *Status=9
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( *Status=8
09:11:55 4 SMTP-577( Connected to []
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( *Status=10
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( Received 72 bytes
09:11:55 4 SMTP-577( Input Line: 220 *****************************************************0************\r
09:11:55 4 SMTP-577( Sending HELO\r\n
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( OT 22 of 22 bytes sent, Flags=0
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( Received 26 bytes
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( Disconnect Received
09:11:55 5 SMTP-577( Disconnect Confirmed
09:11:55 4 SMTP-577( Input Line: 554 No SMTP service here\r
09:11:55 3 SMTP-577( Expected 250 <id>, got 554 No SMTP service here\r

That is definitely odd.

It looks like the folks running that mail server have something in particular against you. Your mail server's address does not seem to be in any blacklist used by the sane, just in XBL for being downstream of Telus.

I wonder if it might not be because the reverse DNS for your mail server's IP address is bad? It seems to be returning a CNAME instead of a PTR, and the name in that CNAME does not resolve. That is wrong 2 ways. It should yield a PTR record pointing at a name that resolves, preferably back to the same IP.

Some mail servers these days reject connections from IP addresses without reverse DNS or without reverse DNS that seems 'proper' for various definitions of 'proper.' Arguably your IP address has no reverse DNS because it does not have a PTR record, and even if one accepts the CNAME record as an adequate alternative, the name provided in any CNAME should always resolve to an address.
Bill Cole                        

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