Mailing List Message #12212
From: Christian F Buser <>
Subject: Re: why do I appear to be blacklisted with
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 20:39:09 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
Hello Thomas Tempelmann. At 19:44 +0100 11.12.2002, you wrote:

So, why did I appear blacklisted to this person then? Shouldn't a
backlist checker look at the IP addr of the SMTP server where it
receives the mail from (that would be my SIMS at,
instead of from where I created it?


You write "dial-up DSL" - does this mean you get a new IP address every time you connect, and you're de-connected after certain time of inactivity?

Then, the following might have happened:

1) A spammer used an open-relay mail server at that address
2) The address was reported and blacklisted
3) You got the address and are still blacklisted

Well, this is just what COULD be - it can of course be completely different. You just should ask the blacklist operator to re-check your address.

Best wishes, Christian.
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