Mailing List Message #12234
From: Paul Didzerekis <>
Subject: We got added to blacklist. WHY?
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 06:50:44 -0800
To: <sims>

I just got this email from saying that we have been added to their blacklist for some stupid reason.  We have never been an open relay and are very much anti-spam and anti-spammer.  We are not an open relay and are running the newest development/beta version of SIMS.  I need someone to tell me why the hell  we failed their test and how to fix it.

Paul Didzerekis

To: postmaster
Subject: Open relay detected within your network
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 19:33:45 -0800

This is an automatically generated mail from

Someone has submitted your mail server to our relay checker a
<>, and we have learned that it is in fact an
open relay.

For details about the test results, please refer to

Having an open relay on your network makes it possible for malicious
users (spammers), to make it look like spam is originating from your
site. This could cause you or your organisation to be wrongfully
associated with spamming activities.  Additionally, quite a few
systemadministrators around the world refuse to accept connections from
open relays, and so will block your site in the near future.

We have listed your server as an open relay in our database. Please note
that we do not distribute this information, except to users who
specifically request information about your particular ip-address.

In order to fix your server, you should probably get in touch with your
software vendor, and upgrade your software to the latest version. Also
it may be necessarry to change a few settings in your MTAs setup, to
disallow relaying from IP-addresses you do not consider local. For help
with this, see <>.

If you believe that your organisation really needs to run an open relay,
you should probably look into ASMTP (authenticated SMTP) or pop before
SMTP, which will solve your problems, while at the same time securing
your server.

For further information about open relays, have a look at

When your server has been secured, feel free to remove it from ORDB by
following this link: <>.

This email is sent from an unattended mailbox, so please do not reply to
it. To find information about contacting, please visit

PS. Need this mail translated? Have a look at:

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