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From: Global Homes Webmaster <>
Subject: Re: We got added to blacklist. WHY?
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:44:27 -0800
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 12/18/02 at 14:28, Paul Didzerekis wrote:

> Looks like I needed to restart SIMS on for the
> change to the "Client Host" list to actually take affect.  The reason
> I say this is because that machine was restarted this morning and we
> ran another probe from and they keep trying but it seems
> that their messages are not getting relayed through now.  Hopefully
> this has stopped the open relay on
> I have another concern that is related to this change though.  Was
> the fact that I had lists in mail's "client Host" list the reason it
> was able to do backup for mail?  Do I need to do anything special to
> have lists continue to do backup for mail?

if you don't relay outbound mail through it, and you don't need it to relay
anything other than incoming messages bound for your primary server, then
it probably doesn't need to have any hosts in the client hosts list.

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