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From: David Thornton - CBC <>
Subject: Newbie Questions
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 08:24:33 -0800
To: <sims>
Hi All!

I'm really new to this list, to SIMS, and to mail administration
in general, so please bear with me while I get some basics nailed
down in the hopes of getting SIMS up & running. I'm doing some
volunteer work for a non-profit, and it's possible that I may
have volunteered myself in well over my head, but a guy's gotta
try! My main gig is in graphics, so I'm a bit short on experience
and mentors when it comes to jobs that are outside my area of
expertise, so I'm hoping some of you will step in & lend a hand.
I don't know the rules for this list too well, but feel free to
respond to me directly instead of to the list (I'm in digest
mode) and I'll summarize when I feel things are settled.

Right now, our mail is hosted by an outside firm; goes to that server. I have SIMS running for
testing purposes on a machine behind a firewall, and hope to use
it to put the outside firm out of work (lousy downtime record,
poor admin tools, high cost, limits on number of users, etc...) I
have set the firewall to forward traffic on ports 25, 8010, and
110 to the private ip address of the server. So far, SIMS will
send & receive local mail just fine, and any outside mail that is
sent to it is relayed just as expected. I can even send & receive
from outside the network, which I wasn't expecting so is a great

My question is, how do I get it to receive mail from outside

I'm not to the point where I'm ready to go live with SIMS, but
I'd still like to test it to make sure that the firewall will
pass mail to the server properly. I've tried sending mail from
other servers to user@ (where is the
public ip of the firewall) but everything gets bounced back with
an "Unknown User" error. So, I guess the question is, in the
short term, what do I do to make sure that an outside server can
pass a message through the firewall to SIMS, and in the long
term, what kind of DNS acrobatics do I need to do to make sure
that a message from
successfully finds its way to & makes it through our firewall to
SIMS so that the user can pick it up? There is another guy who
does web design & administration, but he's difficult at best to
contact, and not much of a mentor, so any & all help would be
MORE than welcome.

Also, in looking through today's digest, it appears that spam &
relaying are big concerns; I have to admit that much of what is
in the SIMS documentation is a bit over my head, so what advice
and tricks are there for keeping spam to a minimum and keeping
ourselves from the wrath of

Dave Thornton

The mark of a good Network Manager is that they know exactly
what the source of all their network problems are since they
create them all.
    -- chuck goolsbee

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