Mailing List Message #12303
From: Christian F Buser <>
Subject: Re: I need help
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 08:24:33 -0800
To: <sims>
Hello Leonard Spell. At 14:21 -0500 06.01.2003, you wrote:

SIMS box is  There is an MX and A record in my DNS for this box.
AMS box is  There is an A record for this machine since there seems to be a problem with 2 MX records for the same domain with the same priority.  AMS will allow MX or A record only.
All account are on the SIMS box except "lspell", which is an IMAP account.
Here is the router entry in SIMS:

Can you try to create a hosts file on the SIMS machine which points to AMS?

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