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????: Special Treatment? - was Open relay detected within your network
????: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 06:07:07 -0700
????: Bill Cole <listbill@scconsult.com>, SIMS Discussions <SIMS@mail.stalker.com>
At 8:30 PM -0500 01/07/2003, Bill Cole wrote:
>Let's think about this logically. The setting on your backup cannot change the behavior of your primary,

I didn't think so either. I was not aware of *anything* I could do on a secondary to change the way it is treated by the primary, however...

>so 2 possibilities exist:
>1. The secondary is offering the relay test message in some way that is different from how any relay tester would try directly, and so is finding a hole in the primary that the relay tester cannot find itself. Perhaps something in the router?
>2. The primary is treating the secondary as special, and so allowing the relay.

3. The secondary is treating the primary as special...?

As posted to the list earlier, it may be that when a secondary lists the primary as a client host, it somehow obtains special treatment. Anyone care to test this theory?

If true, is this a vulnerability? Could I, for example, list Paul's primary as a trusted host on my secondary and relay through his primary?

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