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From: Ernst Mulder <>
Subject: Re: Router bug? Relaying user%domain@mydomain
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 16:22:08 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>

Many thanks for all your comments.

Indeed I meant ORDB, not ORBS.

I put in the line

    <*> = *

because indeed the server's domain name is not I still do not
understand why this would rewrite "" to "user@domain"
and send it out again while the originating host is not in the "Client
Hosts' list.

Bill Cole <> writes:
> The machine listed in ORDB is, your secondary mail
> server, aka bougie. Your primary (pakking) IS NOT listed.

Both were listed, but I was able to clear the primary first. The primary
reason both of my servers were in the list was because I had added the
backup mail server to the "Client Hosts" list, I forgot to remove them after
moving to 1.8. After removing them I had ORDB perform new tests, and that's
when the other problems came to light.

Michael Croft <> writes:
> Is this necessary?  As long as your server is identified in general
> settings as, you shouldn't need this.  I think this will make
> = user%domain and make it considered valid.

In this case, maybe I did the wrong thing. But this server handles multiple
domains and according to the SIMS help pages
<> I did the following:

    <*> = 2serve-*

This is copied from one of the examples in the the help pages.

Now, when I perform a router test the following happens:

    Output: 2serve-marvin at SMTP( (safe)

And indeed when tested, a NON TRUSTED host's mail is sent back out,
rewritten however to "" so it can't be used to
relay spam, but still. It feels wrong to me.

Please teach me why this is correct behaviour. :-)

Michael Croft <> writes:
> Also, what version of SIMS are you running?  To pass the relay testers you
> want a recent version of 1.8, like 1.8b9d14


Technical Support <> writes:
>> <*> = * ; For local delivery
> Note, that account-level routing records (like above) do have a side effect
> of 'blessing' the relay operation as safe. If the server name in SIMS
> General settings is not (e.g. then the router
> record
> =

When I add the following line to the router: = ; The SIMS server name

it doesn't seem to make any difference. Mail is still routed to the domain
part directly after the % whether or not the sending host is in the "Client
Hosts" list.

So, if the account-level routing records have the side effect (is that a
wanted side effect?) of 'blessing' the relay operation as safe, then how do
I handle multiple domains?

Might quotes help, forcing local delivery? As in:

    <*> = "2serve-*"


    <*> = "*"

Initial testing seems to suggest that it does.

    Output: LOCAL(

    Output: LOCAL(

Bill Cole <> writes:
> As a solution, I suggest reconsidering whether you really have any
> use for that secondary mail exchanger. Being in the same /24 network,
> they are not going to see much difference in connectivity to the
> world at large, so unless there's some reason that pakking is
> routinely offline, you really don't gain much of anything from having
> bougie as a secondary and with SIMS, you end up having to decide
> between this small relay hole and the risk of TempBanning the
> secondary when you really need it.

They're not in the same /24 network, they are in different subnets, and even
in different parts of the country. I've fixed the relay-hole, it was (as you
suggested) a misconfiguration on my part, as said above. The past year
however I was glad to have a backup mail server. We had power outages,
cut-through lines, and even a paranoid provider that -to stop some kind of
virus- closed the standard SMTP ports of all of its clients (including our
/26 subnet) without warning them. Glad I had a backup in a different

Ernst Mulder

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