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Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 01:05:28 -0500
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I am a domain registrar so i route dns all the time - but i am not quite sure what is happening with SIMS.  Here is the situation - all virtual domains have been using the own domain name sims to send and receive mail - however i have 1 client that does not wish to do that.  He wants to use his domain name to send and receive mail.  I routed the dns using his name to the sims box and something is wrong.  Does sims not pay attention to dns?  So - I put in the router = and his mail works.

yes, that's correct.

Here is my question - is that proper and for those names without routing entries - is there a problem if mail is sent to one of them?

Here is my example: = =

So if I have a username "sales", would and be lost?  Sales is in the account list with no routing prefix or suffix.

No, with that routing is equal to, and will simply route to the account "sales".

If you need to differentiate further (ie, if you have 3 domains with the address "sales@..." or "info@..." or "webmaster@..." etc), you'd need to do further router entries.

For instance

<> = domain1sales
<> = joe
<*> = = = =

The order here is important. Router entries are checked from top to bottom, and the first valid one applies.

So mail to will be routed to the account "domain1sales", etc.  All mail to any address is routed to a remote address.

And mail to  - or ANY other domain for which you have not explicitly set up routing - will go to the account "sales".

Note also that if you have explicitly routed all legal email addresses to accounts (or remote addresses), the router rules
etc won't ever be needed, and you can leave them out. It's probably safer to include them.

Hope that clarifies things.
Bill Christensen

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