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From: Dene Stringfellow <>
Subject: Re: Auto Dialup Issue
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 11:28:21 +0100
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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Thanks for your input Alex. I haven't heard of this company before!
Now that I have blocked the IP address using the router, will the MacTCP
Watcher software pick up rejected dialup requests? The users do use Eudora
and have their mail client automatically set to check their mailboxes once
every 15-30 minutes. This has always been the case, long before this
automatic dialup to the IP address every 2 minutes started
As far as I was aware, the SIMS server only initiates a dialup call when it
wants deliver outgoing email, and the incoming email is handled by the
Mailtron Gateway dialer software which is set to check the incoming mailbox
at the service provider every 30 minutes during the normal working day.
I'll set up the MacTCP Watcher software to monitor the TCP/IP activity and
see if I get any feedback.

Thanks again.


Alex von Thorn wrote:

> Hi,
> The IP address in question routes to Patheon, Inc. ( in
> Mississauga.  Does that ring a bell for you?
> If you are running a Mac running MacOS 9 or earlier (and that seems
> likely if you're on this list), then your computer is attempting to
> dial out when some application you are running is attempting to
> contact the Internet. If you run MacTCP Watcher, it will tell you
> what ports on your computer are being used. That should tell you what
> application you need to investigate. Basically, what you have to do
> is either shut that application down or change its config so it
> doesn't try to connect when you're offline.
> Mail clients often do this. If you have Eudora or something like that
> set to check mail every N minutes, your computer will dial out.
> At 11:48 AM +0100 4/10/03, Dene Stringfellow wrote:
> >I would be grateful if someone might be able to assist me in trying to
> >pinpoint why one of the mail servers I manage suddenly started to
> >automatically dial out to the IP address every 2 minutes.
> >I managed to stop this by blocking traffic both to and from the
> > IP address in the router. But I have not managed to work
> >out what was causing the mail server ( to initiate the
> >dialup to that address.
> >
> >When I did a reverse lookup on the IP address I got the following:
> >
> >Non-Authoratative response:
> >216.95                              name server = NS2.UUNET.CA
> >216.95                              name server = NS.UUNET.CA
> >216.95                              name server = AUTH01.NS.UU.NET
> >
> >Authoratative answers can be found from:
> >(NS2.UUNET.CA)                     inet address =
> >(NS.UUNET.CA)                      inet address =
> >(AUTH01.NS.UU.NET)                 inet address =
> >
> >Has anyone come across this sort of problem before?
> >Are there tell-tale signs to look for (- other than seeing the router
> >dialing out incessantly)?
> >What measures can I implement to prevent this from happening in future?

 Dene Stringfellow

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