Mailing List Message #12812
From: Sean Lackey <>
Subject: What are the Best RBL's to use?
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 09:52:06 -0700
To: <sims>
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.77C-CCK-MCD {C-UDP; EBM-APPLE} (Macintosh; U; PPC)

I just found and joined this list and was wondering what other's are
using in their RBL lists.  I was using spamcop exclusively until a
couple days ago, but suddenly there was a new influx of spam it wasn't
catching. (usually sent through hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc.)So I added a
bunch more.  they have definitely had an effect, but one had to be
removed ""  because it blocked yahoo mail.  So
the following are now loaded: "See" "See" "See"

Any opinions?  Any dead ones?  spamhaus and spamcop still seem to catch
the lions share.  I loaded some of the country ones, from
but there aren't any for europe. I really would like to block the entire
damn continent.   My server doesn't need email from anywhere other than
North America, anyone know of an RBL to block whole continents?  In
particular, one of my co-workers has been targeted for porn spam, and
the RBL's never catch it, this poor woman is a saint and quite annoyed
by it all and keeps forwarding it all to me and I block the IP of each
email she gets but that's like firing bullets into the ocean.  If I
could block Europe, that would be a start.

Thanks for hearing me rant.


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