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From: Bill Cole <>
Subject: Re: AT&T Broadband Spam?
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 09:01:12 -0400
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At 2:07 AM -0600 4/22/03, LuKreme  imposed structure on a stream of electrons, yielding:
On Monday, Apr 21, 2003, at 22:45 Canada/Mountain, Joe Laffey wrote:
If you aren't afraid of the command line both Postfix ( and
courier ( support listening on any ip/port. Courier also
support imap and pop3 (Postfix is SMTP only).

Courier does not conform to (or did not conform to) some of the IMAP specs.  uw-imap seems to be a better choice, especially since it isn't wrapped up in one guy's ego about what should and should not be done to spec.

I would like to know if it's possible to configure postfix to listen on MULTIPLE ports.

It certainly SHOULD be.

There is a subset of SMTP defined as the mail submission protocol which is properly run on port 587, and which most serious Unix MTA's support, if only by adding another listener there. Given that Postfix aims to be a true sendmail replacement and sendmail listens on 587 unless you tell it not to, I'd expect a listener there at least optionally.

I also have to say that for all the competition that has sprouted up over the past few years, sendmail remains a reasonable choice as an MTA if you are running a system that supports it (such as MacOS X or anything else Unix-like) and has mail tools built around it (like MacOS X or almost anything Unix-like) simply because it is extremely flexible, extremely popular, and has more eyes and hands applied to it than any other piece of software in the world with the possible exception of Linux. Yes, there are reasonable security concerns with sendmail, particularly now that there have been a couple of fresh serious holes found (and fixed) in the past 2 months. There's no arguing with the fact that it is an evolutionary product of core code that's about a decade old and some that's almost 2 decades old, written without the modern eye to secure programming, but it's also code that has been and continues to be picked over by some of the best secure coding people in the world, some of them quite eager to find holes. As long as you are willing to accept that you could have a Must Upgrade Now event occur at any time, the positive side of running sendmail can be very large.

Bill Cole                        

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