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Subject: Re: TLD blocking (was: What are the Best RBL's to use?)
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 15:30:41 -0700
To: SIMS Discussions <>
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On 04/22/03 at 16:11, NetHead opined:

> Wasn't it SIMS Discussions who once said...
> >Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 11:11:57 -0700
> >From: Global Homes Webmaster <>
> >Subject: Re: What are the Best RBL's to use?
> >
> [snipping a whole lot of good, but unrelated-to-my-question discussion]
> >Another valuable tool in SIMS' anti-spam kit is routing return-path
> >addresses to error (don't forget to enable 'Verify Return-Paths' so
> >that this will work). In addition to specific domains and addresses
> >that occur in received spam, I've got several country TLDs routed to
> >error. That doesn't necessarily block mail from IP addresses in
> >those countries (more often than not it's NOT from those countries),
> >but it does block spam. An excerpt from that section of my router:
> >
> >; TLDs from which no one here gets legit mail
> >;
> >*.ac = error ;Antigua & Barbuda
> >*.br = error ;Brazil
> >*.ci = error ;Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
> >*.cn = error ;China
> >*.cz = error ;Czech Republic
> >*.ec = error ;Ecuador
> >*.ee = error ;Estonia
> >*.hu = error ;Hungary
> >*.in = error ;India
> >*.kr = error ;Korea
> >*.lv = error ;Latvia
> >*.my = error ;Myanmar
> >*.ph = error ;Phillipines
> >*.pl = error ;Poland
> >*.ru = error ;Russia
> >*.sk = error ;Slovak Republic
> >*.sg = error ;Singapore
> >*.tj = error ;Tajikistan
> >*.tw = error ;Taiwan
> >*.za = error ;Zambia
> Great list. Implemented most of it immediately. I might also mention:
> *.ro = error; Romania
> I've gotten several from there.

My list contains only country TLDs that appear in the return-paths of spam
that I've actually received. '.ro' would (will) be added to my router
without hesitation in the event that I receive spam with a .ro return-path.

> However, I do have a franchisee in the R.O.K. (South Korea). While he is
> probably the ONLY person in Korea that I would receive mail from, I'm not
> sure how to "while-hole" his address while "routing to error" all the
> rest of the "kr" top-level domain (TLD). Is that possible? Or must I
> leave the Korean gate open?

Not sure about that one. Too bad the router doesn't support regular
expressions.  8^(

I haven't tried this, but it _might_ work: create a router entry _above_
your '*.kr=error' entry that routes the franchisee's address to something
other than error:

<> = lettumpass
*.kr = error

When SIMS gets a messages with a return-path of
<>, it'll pass that address through the router and
get the local account name 'lettumpass'. If I understand the return-path
validation mechanism correctly, it shouldn't matter that there may not
actually be a local account called 'lettumpass'. As long as the router
output is not 'error' or 'null', the message should be accepted.

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            Webmaster, Global Homes |
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