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Subject: Re: Windows SMTP service / Fighting spam with good network design
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 12:21:34 -0700
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On 05/02/03 at 12:04, Jeff Logan opined:

> Spam is defined as unsolicited email.
> (
> I know I did not ask to get email about Virgin's from Amsterdam and
> Vigira from some King in Africa.
> So If I send you an email, that you do not ask to get, is it
> considered spam then?

In my book, yes:

'unsolicited'  ==  'I didn't ask to get it'

That doesn't apply to, say, someone who I've never corresponded with
sending mail to with some inquiry about a web
site I manage. The purpose of publishing something like a webmaster address
is for people to be able to send those types of communications, so the
solicitation is implied. On the other hand, the implied solicitation does
not include offers of photos of Dutch virgins or cheap Viagra without a
prescription, etc. By the same token, if the scenario in the Micro$haft ad
includes the caveat that the e-mail promotion message is sent _only_ to
people who explicitly checked a 'send me e-mail about the band's upcoming
dates' option when they bought merchandise from the web site, then it is
not spam. Since the M$ ad does not address that issue, it can be construed
as promoting M$ products as spamware. Context is everything.

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