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On Thursday, July 10, 2003, at 12:21  PM, info wrote:

My router is as follows:

hcadigital.com = dsl092-115-164.nyc2.dsl.speakeasy.net
styleexpo.com = dsl092-115-164.nyc2.dsl.speakeasy.net

Remove these two lines. They will map all addresses in these two domains to local addresses.


You don't need the ";" -- you can just use a blank line here.

<abuse> = postmaster

<abuse@hcadigital.com> = postmaster
<abuse@styleexpo.com> = postmaster

(since you're not mapping the domains anymore)

<tracey@styleexpo.com> = tracey
<styleexpo@styleexpo.com> = styleexpo

Leave these.

I want mail going to styleexpo@styleexpo.com to go through, but mail going
to styleexpo@hcadigital.com to bounce as undeliverable.  In other words, I
want one email address to match one user only, even though I have multiple
domain names.  How do I do this?

Another way to do it is to map each domain with a prefix. (This is what I do.) It would look like this:

<*@hcadigital.com> = hca.*
<*@styleexpo.com> = se.*

<*.abuse> = postmaster      ; make sure we catch all postmaster & abuse
<*.postmaster> = postmaster ; emails for all domains

<se.tracey> = tracey        ; optional, if you want the account to be
<se.styleexpo> = styleexpo  ; "tracey", rather than "se.tracey", etc.

Once you start dealing with several domains, the prefix route is usually the best way to go. Some people use postfix notation, but I prefer prefix, as it groups accounts in the account list.


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