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Subject: Re: SMTP problem [possibly OT]
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 10:47:12 -0700
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On 07/21/03 at 13:12 -0400, anibal escobar opined:

> Hello, thanks for your help on my previous questions.  The problem I'm
> having now is that some users can receive mail, but cannot send mail
> through their clients.  For example, on OE 5.5 on a Windows 98, the
> error message is:
> The connection to the server has failed
> Account: ''
> Server: ''
> Protocol: SMTP
> Port: 25
> Secure (SSL): No
> Socket Error: 10051
> Error number: 0x800CCC0E
> The relevant DNS entries for are
> @   IN  MX  10
> mail    IN  A

The MX shouldn't make any difference if your users have your mail server
set as the SMTP host in their clients. As long as whatever name they've got
set in their clients resolves to your server's IP address, they should be
able to find it.

> is the IP address of the SIMS server.  Server's own name
> is  The router
> entries are:
> <*> = hca.*
> <hca.tracey> = tracey
> <hca.anibal> = anibal
> <> = info

This doesn't sound like a SIMS router issue, especially if, as you say
below, SIMS doesn't log anything for these failed connections. It sounds
like the connections are failing well before getting to a point where SIMS
would send anything through the router.

> When I look at the SIMS log in all info mode, I see no entries for
> the failed connection.  It would appear that the client and the
> server never communicate.

For what modules are you logging 'all info'? SMTP? System (General)?

> The SIMS users and accounts seem to be OK because I can send and
> receive through webmail.  Also, this problem doesn't affect only one
> domain, but other virtual domains I'm hosting on the SIMS server.

Again, it doesn't sound like a SIMS router problem, so whatever domains you
have SIMS set up to accept mail for shouldn't be coming into play.

> And, to make matters more confusing, I can send on some machines, but
> not others.  The machine I'm personally testing is on a dialup line
> (no firewall).

If you have 'Relay for Clients Only' enabled (and you should), are the IP
addresses of the clients who cannot send through your server included in
your 'Client Hosts' list? If not, can they send using either the
POP-before-send method or SMTP AUTH? (Assuming the relevant settings are
enabled both in SIMS and the users' clients.) Are any of the users who
can't connect by any chance using Earthlink or another ISP that blocks
outgoing port 25 connections?

                   Christopher Bort |
            Webmaster, Global Homes |
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